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Rocky road to agricultural transformation

By Ildephonse Musafili Introduction Soil degradation is a serious threat to farm productivity and food commercialization in the Volcanoes region, Rwanda. This region is an important producer of potatoes and beans, which makes it the major supplier to Kigali town … Continue reading

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Mid-term evaluation – foster financial inclusion [Blog II of III]

By Christine Bigler and Chantal Ingabire As announced, we are back to give you an update about our ongoing and exciting financial inclusion project in the Northern Province of Rwanda. This second blog gives the reader background information on the … Continue reading

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New saving possibilities to empower women and youth in rural Rwanda: a story about bridging theory and practice [Blog I of III]

By Christine and Chantal, Being able to put one’s research results into action offers a great opportunity. On the one hand (the challenging one), it provides new working experiences for researchers, while, on the other hand (the more important one), … Continue reading

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Sharing the Struggles: Preparing for Social Science Fieldwork

By Patrick Illien One of the best, if not THE best part of doing a PhD is undoubtedly the fieldwork. Yes, it’s a challenge… Undertaking effective fieldwork is undeniably a challenge, and don’t fool yourself into believing that the most … Continue reading

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Closing the gender gap in farming households: An entry point towards agricultural transformation in Africa

By Eileen Nchanji, Chantal Ingabire and Eliud Birachi “Agricultural transformation is one of the leading efforts for poverty reduction and food security in Africa. Governments, development agencies and researchers agree on the role that can be played by agricultural transformation … Continue reading

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Changing gender roles within farming households? Evidence from the field in Rwanda

By Chantal Ingabire and Birachi Eliud A return to the Northern Province of Rwanda recently to conduct the second part of our qualitative interviews with smallholder farmers was quite insightful. Similar to most of other agricultural regions in the country, … Continue reading

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Agricultural Transformation in Rwanda: Do we still need to focus on Women farmers?

By Chantal Ingabire Should women farmers continue receiving attention to enhance their integration in agricultural commercialisation? This was one of the questions I received during my participation in the Pan African Grain Legume and World Cowpea Conference in 2016. The … Continue reading

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Advocacy event promoting women and economy in Rwanda

Written by Christine Bigler. How useful a good relationship with researcher partners can be, is proved by the following incident. So I’ve got the call for a Business Award for Women from the Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs in Rwanda. This … Continue reading

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Successful Fieldwork in Rwanda

Written by Christine Bigler. During the last weeks the Rwandan research team conducted more than 1100 interviews in the Northern Province of Rwanda.  This is a big step not only for the Rwandan team but also for the whole FATE-project. Before … Continue reading

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Striving for value addition on commercial potato in Rwanda: the experience of a woman cooperative leader in Northern Province

Written by Christine Bigler and Chantal Ingabire. The Northern Province of Rwanda is an agriculture high potential region.  The transformation from a subsistence to market oriented agriculture production is in full swing.  One driver of this transformation is agriculture cooperatives. … Continue reading

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