Advocacy event promoting women and economy in Rwanda

Written by Christine Bigler.

How useful a good relationship with researcher partners can be, is proved by the following incident. So I’ve got the call for a Business Award for Women from the Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs in Rwanda. This governmental lead organization to promote the private sector in Rwanda have organised together with UN Women and the German Society for International Cooperation an event to promoting women’s economic participation in the country. During the event different prices for women-led, innovative business models are awarded.  Among other things specific trainings or technical equipment such as laptops included to major gains.

Coincidentally I had during the qualitative survey an interview with a leader of an agricultural Cooperative, MUKESHIMANA Chantal, which started such a business in the Northern Province by means of a value-added processing (washing and packing) of Irish potatoes and asked her to apply for this contest.  We already introduced Chantal MUKESHIMANA in the FATE blog in August 2015. With support from FATE research team, we put together in a very short time a proposal and she was invited to this event.

Unfortunately she was not able to get any of the main awards. The event have offered her the opportunity to make many new contacts, participate in interesting discussions on the promotion of women in business and finally she has even decided to apply for membership of the Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs in Rwanda to improve access to obtain information and to be able to be part of a larger network of women working in business and entrepreneurship.

A nice little example of how our research can sometimes promote unexpected results to light.

See also the article in the local newspaper:

Christine Bigler (from the FATE project) and Chantal Mukeshimana

Christine Bigler (from the FATE project) and Chantal Mukeshimana

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